Water Pipes

PPI started out in 1982 manufacturing water pipes and to date we are recognized as one of the quality water pipes producer in the market.  PPI is the only pipe manufacturer in Malaysia that is certified to Australian Standard for manufacturing of water pipes & fittings, i.e. AS 1579:2001 and AS/NZS 4020:2005.
With suitable coatings and linings our steel pipes can be used extensively in the conveyance of fluids, especially potable water, raw water, wastewater (sewage), sea water and lots more. Water pipes are manufactured in accordance to the below standards:
BS 534:1990 Steel pipes, joints and specials for water and sewerage
BS EN 10224:2002 Non-alloy steel tubes and fittings for the conveyance of aqueous liquids including water for human consumption
AS 1579:2001 Arc-welded steel pipes and fittings for water and wastewater
AS/NZS 4020:2005 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water