Technical Support & Services

PPI has an established team of engineers who are committed to support the customers’ needs at all time. By capitalizing on PPI years of technical expertise, we are in an advantageous position to offer our customers alternative piping materials, valves and fittings, and even design services.  
We have experience in designing jacking pipes, which requires loading calculation of the concrete cladding on the external of the pipes as well as familiarity with cladding mould for accurate casting application.  Our engineer and draughtsman from our Technical Department will be able to provide technical calculations and detail shop drawings for all specialise items.  
PPI has also a full set of established Method Statements for different work processes, including pipe & fittings packaging and handling, on-site coating and lining touch up and repairs, etc.  These are designed with the technical input from our forwarders, suppliers and sub-contractors.  We are able to support our customers by offering such technical guidance of this work processes to them.
With our 'can do' attitude, PPI is committed to provide its customer convenience, flexibility and cost effective solutions that would make projects that come along a success.