Quality System

Quality has always been the first priority of PPI.  Through the years PPI has established a full range of in-house inspection facilities and Quality Management System to ensure that only products of highest quality are delivered by PPI.  We have a thorough documentation system that allows us 100% traceability starting from incoming materials to every production process to final inspection line.  
Given the stricter requirements in piling pipes application, PPI has accustomed itself to comply with higher manufacturing standards which help to established PPI as one of the premium water pipes supplier in the country.  For example, PPI will always produce the Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) and Shop Drawings for client’s approval before commencing production.  This is to ensure that all technical details are clearly communicated thus the products produced will be 100% compliance to the required specification.
In-coming QA/QC Process
Hot rolled coils are checked using ultrasonic (UT) thickness gauge for correct thicknesses.  Visual inspection conducted on coil surfaces.  Dimensional inspection performed to ensure sizes meet specified requirement.  Tensile test performed to confirm material grade is in accordance to order.  All results are recorded in Incoming Inspection Report.
In-process QA/QC
  • Visual & Dimensional Inspection
    Basic inspection conducted on all pipes for compliance with the specified tolerances.
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
    Generally performed on spiral welds, cross-joints, and splice joints to ensure no defects throughout the welding processes.
  • Radiography Test (X-Ray)
    Stringent inspection applicable mainly to piling pipes and oil & gas pipes, on cross-joint, spliced-joint and pipe ends to meet project specification.
  • Dye Penetrant Test (DPT) / Magnetic Particle Test (MPI)
    Further testing on welding to ensure weld quality and compliance with specification.
  • Hydrostatic Test
    All water pipes are subjected to an internal hydrostatic pressure test to ensure no leakages.
  • Blast Profile & Paint DFT Check
    Checks according to Swedish Standards and Paint Data Sheets.
  • Holiday Test
    Painted pipes can be subjected to pinhole test at a specific voltage.
  • Cube Compression Test
    Test cubes of the same material as used for the pipe lining are subjected to cube crushing test.
  • Macro Examination
    Macro specimens can be taken from the weldment to monitor the weld parameters upon request.
  • Mechanical Testing
    Mechanical testing can be conducted to the specified requirements by the clients. Those tests shall include tensile strength, yield strength and bend tests.
Out-going QA/QC Process
  • A final visual inspection, pipe marking and paint thickness checking will be conducted and noted in the inspection report before being loaded up for delivery or shipment. Only pipes that are in compliance with required specification will be released.